Conventional liposuction
and laser lypolisis

Laser liposculpture is less traumatic than traditional liposuction, only requires local anaesthetic in the treatment area and recovery and getting back to work and your social life is immediate. There is practically no pain or bruising and the results can easily be seen within two weeks, although they will continue to improve over the first month. Traditional liposuction normally means a wait of between two and six months to see the difference.

What are the ideal tools for
using laser liposculpture?

The optimum wavelength
The use of sufficient effective energy
A flexible fibre optic design

What happens?

A high level of fat cell destruction via laser emission in a single session.

A major amount of heat that produces tightening of tissues and thus achieving greater skin firmness in places where skin contraction is doubtful due to age or where the dermis layer itself is thin, such as on the internal arms or thighs or on stomachs with stretch marks.

A higher level of coagulation to avoid bruises.
Greater penetration in fat tissue with extra slim flexible fibre optic causing less tissue aggression.

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