What is laser liposculpture?

Laser liposculpture is a technique to reduce the amount of localised fat and flab. It is not a treatment for cellulite or obesity, it is the same as a liposuction but without the trauma the latter produces; therefore, it is recommended for those with a stable body weight, more or less at the right weight, but with an area that predominates whether the stomach, upper thighs, knees, etc. We use the laser fibre on this area to achieve fat removal and, therefore, volume, whilst at the same time, thanks to the action of the laser, offer major tissue firmness and correcting possible flabbiness.

Number of sessions?

It is offered in a single session and, the most important point, is the result is lasting. That fat will not come back since we have destroyed and eliminated it.

What is the difference between traditional liposuction and laser liposculpture?

Laser liposculpture is less traumatic than traditional liposuction, done under local anaesthetic in the area to treat. Recovery and a return to work and social life are immediate. There is practically no pain or bruising and the result is perfectly visible within two weeks, although it will improve over the first month. It takes between two and six months in traditional liposuction to see the results.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the treatment depends on the area to treat, its size and if it is one or two areas. The price is approximately €2,000-3,000. In any case, an informative visit has no cost or commitment and the technique will be assessed to see if it is right for the patient.

Are there risks to the laser liposculpture technique?

The possible side effects are bruises and slight pain – although both disappear in a few days. Other possible but NOT common side effects could be the appearance of seroma, fibrosis… which disappear in two or three weeks.

It is new and unique in the Balearic Islands?

It is not new but is exclusive (for the moment) in the Balearic Islands. There are several lasers which produce lipolysis, but this type of LASER LIPOSCULPTURE is a combination of two different laser energies that firstly lead to fat dilution, truly melting it, and secondly to major skin tightening. This is what makes the difference from other types of laser. The different wavelengths, the difference Watt power that these lasers may have should be taken into account as that leads to the difference in results. A quick reduction in volume in just 10-15 days and tissue tightening can be achieved as well as hardly any problems, with just local anaesthetic and almost no bruising.

Can laser liposculpture be performed on people with flab? What does the skin look like after?

LASER LIPOSCULPTURE is particularly recommended for flab. In areas such as the chin, the inner thigh and arms, there is often only flab without any large volume and this technique achieves a highly satisfactory result.

What is the minimum age for laser liposculpture treatment? Is parental consent required?

It does not depend so much on age but on need. Family agreement is always better.

How long is the recovery time after laser liposculpture treatment?

Incorporation is immediate, the same day or the day after, and you can return to your social life. The result after 15 days is visible both in volume reduction and tissue tightening, but it also continues to improve until the optimum result can be seen after a month. Bandages need to be worn for 10-15 days and no sport should be done in that time – the rest is normal life!

Is the steel cannula very aggressive?

At present, we have flexible one and half millimetre thick fibres that transmit energy to destroy and dilute localised fat, making suction very simple and not at all aggressive.

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